Theme song: Listen to the visceral sounds of forest elephant rumblings here.*

When shooting video, you quickly learn how critical sound is. The video above of the elephants is just so peaceful to me- I just love the ambient sounds…the birds, wind in the grasses. So many of my videos have clicking cameras and truck engines in the background. The animal behavior can be spectacular but the background noise will just mess with the feel of it.

Audio is 51% of video. 


According to Naad Yoga there are two types of sounds. Ahad sounds are the vibrations heard when you pluck a guitar cord. Anahad refers to the primal creation of sound that makes up the universe. Even rocks have a frequency.

It’s this primal frequency that I feel when I listen to the elephant rumblings. There’s just something that stirs inside that I interpret as soulful but there must be something else. Elephants can even communicate at frequencies so low we cannot hear it. This infrasonic communication allows them to ‘talk’ several miles away. *A Cornell study looks at this in forest elephants: Elephant Listening Project.

And just this weekend I saw a male alligator displaying a typical mating posture for this time of year: his back raised up, you could see all his scutes and then his snout pointed up to the sky as his tail raised. Gorgeous. Usually this is accompanied by a similar infrasonic sound that sometimes causes the water to dance. Check it out here.

As much as I did not want to admit it- I felt a similar energy field when I participated in a group chant during yoga teacher training. I’m not much of a group-sing type of person but there was just something about the energy of the vibrations that connected us. Hmm.

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