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Just back from the most engaging set of panels at Science Media Symposium in Boston:

1. Dan Kahan blew us all away when he talked about the science of Science Communication. He is a Professor of both Law AND Pysycology from Yale and presents with a startling intellectual charisma that cracks me up. His main point, based on a huge amount of social psychological data: people can comprehend scientific evidence but what they believe is an EXPRESSION of who they are. His advice for those who want to motivate people on a particular issue: disentangle the knowledge from what it is expressing. Check him out here.

2. Call Me Ishmael at 774.325.0403 & leave a voicemail about how a book has affected you. TED Ed Director Logan Smalley gets these voicemails and posts one every day on this website. He said he’s heard messages that have made him cry, laugh, & some that made him want to call the authorities.

SMS33. Janna Levin the astrophysicist captivated me with her talk on black holes. Her brilliance was tempered by a wit and light heartedness that has been missing all my life. Here is her TED talk, or if you’re like me, you may rather watch her on the Colbert Report.

4. I came for the wildlife media and Sanjayan’s newest project didn’t disappoint. A sneak peek at EARTH a New Wild and I can’t wait to watch more stories of successes of human behavior & nature. I fell in love with [emerging filmmaker Roshan Patel] Pride. His beautiful Asiatic lion footage accompanies a compelling look at an Indian community that idolizes the rare carnivores while relying upon them to protect their crops.

And so I leave you with a fantastic look at the popularity of light science. The I F***ing Love Science Facebook page has 18.3 million likes.

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