Strength & Ease

Strength and ease can be found within each yoga posture (asana). Identifying these areas appropriately will allow you to move even deeper. For example, the strength in the cobra posture is in the back (lumbar spine). When you breathe into your chest and let go of the front side you can simultaneously strengthen your back.Continue reading “Strength & Ease”


THEME SONG: “Home Again” by Micheal Kiwanuka We watched the elephants for over two hours.  At the pivotal moment of river crossing, the video shows obvious communication: audible rumbling, vibrational signaling, and the matriarchal trumpet and crocodile warning that makes the group fall back.  Eventually, there is a final ceremonious crossing with the eley calves atContinue reading “Coherence”

Edgy Science

Theme song: Motherf***ing Bike by Sausage. Just back from the most engaging set of panels at Science Media Symposium in Boston: 1. Dan Kahan blew us all away when he talked about the science of Science Communication. He is a Professor of both Law AND Pysycology from Yale and presents with a startling intellectual charisma thatContinue reading “Edgy Science”

6 Travel Tips: Brain Calm

The buzz of the airport & plane: I love being in the midst of so many people during one slice of time- yet being in my own world with my own soundtrack. So I thought I’d share with you how I maintain a sensational brain gig during travel: 1. GABA mints. Really nice. And then put your headphonesContinue reading “6 Travel Tips: Brain Calm”

Wildlife on Screen

Theme song: Mercy by Dave Mathews I love going to the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. As a preliminary judge, I watched over 70 hours of wildlife programming- which is just a drop- there were ~600 films entered this year. The festival is an interesting interaction of wildlife conservation experts*, filmmakers, and network executives. AtContinue reading “Wildlife on Screen”

Think Like a Zebra (Part 2)

Emergency Dismount Theme song: U2’s I Will Follow. Enjoy the 1980 throwback here. In Think Like a Zebra the point is that it can take a real toll on your body to stress out about something that you have no control over. For example, zebras may hang out at a water hole with a lion nearby-Continue reading “Think Like a Zebra (Part 2)”


Theme song: Listen to the visceral sounds of forest elephant rumblings here.* When shooting video, you quickly learn how critical sound is. The video above of the elephants is just so peaceful to me- I just love the ambient sounds…the birds, wind in the grasses. So many of my videos have clicking cameras and truckContinue reading “Vibrations”