Think Like a Zebra (Part 2)

Emergency Dismount Theme song: U2’s I Will Follow. Enjoy the 1980 throwback here. In Think Like a Zebra the point is that it can take a real toll on your body to stress out about something that you have no control over. For example, zebras may hang out at a water hole with a lion nearby-Continue reading “Think Like a Zebra (Part 2)”


Theme song: Listen to the visceral sounds of forest elephant rumblings here.* When shooting video, you quickly learn how critical sound is. The video above of the elephants is just so peaceful to me- I just love the ambient sounds…the birds, wind in the grasses. So many of my videos have clicking cameras and truckContinue reading “Vibrations”

Think like a Zebra.

Theme song: Pearl Jam’s  Just Breathe Humans have a hard time turning the “off” switch. We have the ability to lie in bed, perfectly still and cozy away from harm, and yet our heart can race because of our thoughts. Think about it. Just a thought  can change the functioning of the cells in our body.Continue reading “Think like a Zebra.”