Strength & Ease

Strength and ease can be found within each yoga posture (asana). Identifying these areas appropriately will allow you to move even deeper. For example, the strength in the cobra posture is in the back (lumbar spine). When you breathe into your chest and let go of the front side you can simultaneously strengthen your back.Continue reading “Strength & Ease”

6 Travel Tips: Brain Calm

The buzz of the airport & plane: I love being in the midst of so many people during one slice of time- yet being in my own world with my own soundtrack. So I thought I’d share with you how I maintain a sensational brain gig during travel: 1. GABA mints. Really nice. And then put your headphonesContinue reading “6 Travel Tips: Brain Calm”


Theme song: Listen to the visceral sounds of forest elephant rumblings here.* When shooting video, you quickly learn how critical sound is. The video above of the elephants is just so peaceful to me- I just love the ambient sounds…the birds, wind in the grasses. So many of my videos have clicking cameras and truckContinue reading “Vibrations”

Think like a Zebra.

Theme song: Pearl Jam’s  Just Breathe Humans have a hard time turning the “off” switch. We have the ability to lie in bed, perfectly still and cozy away from harm, and yet our heart can race because of our thoughts. Think about it. Just a thought  can change the functioning of the cells in our body.Continue reading “Think like a Zebra.”